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onsiteOn Site Seo Service

It is so important to “get it right onsite”, when it comes to  Onsite Optimisation is essential to long term ranking success and low user bounce rates. We offer on page corrections from £20 per page. Google looks for well optimised sites as it goes about its ranking duties. We want to make sure that your website is in perfect condition to move ahead of your competitors thanks to a solid onsite strategy when it comes to the search engine rankings. We also want to make sure that your visitors are able to move around your site quickly and easily, finding what they need with the minimum of fuss. This will help your overall conversions and return on investment. Before you think offsite optimisation, look onsite first!

We are happy to receive outsourced work from other Internet Marketing & Seo Agencies regarding on site work

What is On Site Optimisation?

There are a number of things that are looked for by the search engines that we take care of when it comes to doing your On Page work. Keyword research ,(looking for search terms that are being looked for by internet users), is imperative to any onsite campaign. Pages need to be designed to attract users who are looking for particular search terms, with titles matching content topics on page.  By making sure that title tags, headings and meta descriptions are all in place we can assist with search engine crawl bots that will be checking your page for relevance for particular search terms. The easier they find the information they are looking for, the better chance you have of ranking well. This means that content has to be relevant and informative based on the page titles and page URL’s you are setting up for each page. No page should have less than 400 – 500 words, unless you are an ecommerce site where 200 words of high quality content per product should be your minimum bar.

Landing pages are a great way of targeting a keyword due to the fact that you have a whole page, ( you can always attach more pages to that relevant page), to write about a subject relevant to the keyword you are chasing. Here I am writing about Onsite SEO for example. Landing pages also help visitors, and search engines,  choose pages that are highly relevant to their search rather than look for the odd paragraph here and there.

Behind the scenes we look at how the site is coded and iron out any issues with the code that your site is built from. We want to maximise download speed, no one likes a slow site, and make sure that search engines can get around your site with no problems. This is why there is no excuse to not have a site map created specifically for your site to make sure that all its pages are easily reached by the crawling search engine bots.

What Services Do We Offer For Your On Site Search Engine Optimisation Campaign?

On Page Seo

- Keyword Research: We want to make sure you are targeting the right search terms. Terms that have a decent amount of traffic, and a reasonable likelihood of ranking success. Long tail possibilities for each keyword are also analysed in detail. This is so very important to any campaign.

- Tag Creation: Alt Tags for images and Heading tags, (H tags) to break up content. This shows search engines and visitors that they are not reading through a wall of text and that information is going to be easy to digest, and well headed. We make sure all content has the right amount of H and Alt tags.

- Page Titles: These are very important and should match the page URL. Look at my page URL and page title here on this page for example. This will mean that the page is easier to index and rank from a search engine perspective. We make sure the page title and URl’s are in sync.

- Meta Descriptions: These are what people will read as they see your site listed on the search engines. Make them want to click through to your site instead of your competitors. Using the keyword you are looking to rank for in here is a good tip. We make sure this is taken care of for you.

- Content: All sites need to be content rich. Internet users are looking for information and you want to be the one that supplies it regarding your niche. LSI, (Latent Semantic Indexing), and keyword stuffing are not going to make your content particularly readable. This is not where you want to go. Your keywords will be mentioned in a lot of cases anyway if you are writing abut a topic that relates to it. All pages should have a minimum of 400 words. As I have stated above E commerce product pages can probably get away with 200 per product. If your content isn’t imparting anything useful, delete it and start again. We will advice you as to what content needs to be updated and can offer the use of our expert content writers should you want us to create new page material for you. 

- Site Speed: We will look at the coding and hosting of your site and see if there are any errors that may well be making your site download slower than it should. You want a quick download for your pages or you could lose a visitor to a faster site, we see if this is possible.

- Page Interlinking: It is so important to make sure that your pages link up to other pages on your site that have relevance to the page the visitor to your site is on. You will keep your visitors more easily if they can move seamlessly through your site with contextual links as well as sidebar or header bar links. People like to click on anchor texts as they are reading and move around websites just as much as through your actual link bars. We make sure that pages are linked together in a relevant way. The long shot of this is an improvement to Page Rank and Domain Authority as well as a lower bounce rate.

- Page Analytics: We can monitor how well pages of your site are performing. What is your bounce rate? Where is traffic coming from that is hitting those pages. You need to know what pages are leading visitors to where, and how long they are staying on your site. This improves conversion rates long term.


The Long & The Short Of It

 Before you make any attempt to do anything regarding SEO or online promotion, you must make sure that you have a site that is in the best condition as possible to attract and convert potential customers and clients. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CHANGE YOUR SITE COMPLETELY IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DO A MAJORITY OF THE ABOVE TASKS. It is much better to start again with a new site, instead of trying to trundle along with an old site that will not let you make the required changes. More often than not some simple development work will suffice and you can have a site that is purring up the rankings thanks to its tune up!