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International  Marketing

Gain An International Online Presence

Endurance SEO has agencies based around the world to help companies tap into market places that are growing quickly and liable to offer huge amounts of growth for your business or organisation. Take advantage of economies that are growing fast and that contain consumers looking for your products or services with strong online marketing campaigns within those countries. You could be running your business from where you are currently located and trading anywhere in the world, from China to Australia!

What Markets Do We Work In?International Marketing

When using a search engine like Google it is possible to set your business up in any country on the planet that has Google as a main search engine. We help your business to do this. It is a good idea to test out a market place online, after all, from where you are currently based, before committing yourself to fully push yourself into it. We also provide advice and assistance in entering the Chinese market place, (China is soon to be the worlds leading economy), through its search engine Baidu, and through its large social media platforms like Sina Weibo and TenCent. Making a move online into many of these massive economies, be they in Asia, Africa or South America is a great way to test the long term viability of your company and its products or services. 

We also have the ability to get your business into Australia through our agency based there. This can also help open up the door to trading into China due to the trade arrangements that Australia has with China.

What Can I Sell Into These Markets?

The answer is anything you want! Entertainment, Technology, Investment Services, High End Branded Goods and many many more products are in demand across the world right now. Are you making sure that it is your company that is there to supply them?

The simple fact is that Google is prevalent in most countries globally. We can work out marketing strategies to get your site gaining traffic successfully through Google in most countries market places. A mixture of specific Media Buying, and also effective SEO allow this to happen. For China, and areas that share Baidu, its search engine of choice, and its various social media platforms, (25% of the worlds social media goes through Chinese Social Media Platforms), we have specific marketing strategies to gain influence and build up brands and company authority designed to be successful there.

Getting It Right

We always make sure that sites and promotional material, are created in the language that the clients and customers being targeted expect to see a site or promotion in. It is no good having a site in English when your target demographic all speak Mandarin is it? Time is also spent analysing areas where there is the best chance of success for your products or services and a decent return on investment can be seen. 

Contact us today and let us start to plan out your introduction to market places that are hungry for your businesses, products and services. We will plan, support and advise your business the whole way through. Why not start off by selling into your chosen marketplace from your current location? Once you build up a big enough share of the market you can then look at putting feet on the ground and having a work base within the country itself. We are there to help with all of this.

Endurance Seo is the worlds smartest marketing agency for a reason.